Tips For Preparing Your Houseplants For Moving Day

Tips For Preparing Your Houseplants For Moving Day

3 October 2018
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If you have several houseplants that you plan to move into your new home, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to prepare them. Even if you are only moving across town, you need to start taking steps a few weeks before moving day to prepare your plants so that they do not feel the shock of being transported or of being in a new environment.

Transfer Plants from Breakable Pots into Plastic Ones

If you have planted any of your houseplants in breakable pots, such as glass or ceramic ones, you should consider transferring them to plastic pots a few weeks before moving day to give the plants time to adjust. Even if you are only moving a few miles down the road, the hustle and movement of transporting them across town could crack the pots.

While you do not want your special pots to be damaged, there is another reason why you want to move the plants in the more durable plastic pots. If the breakable pots were to crack and break open while you are moving, dirt would spill out and the roots would be exposed. If the roots become exposed, this could shock the plant and either severely set it back or even kill it.

Water the Plants a Few Days Before Moving Day

A few days before moving day, you should further prepare your plants by giving them a thorough drink of water. Doing so will ensure that the plants are pliable enough to withstand bending and that the soil is slightly compacted from the moisture.

However, after you water the plants ahead of time, do not water them again until you have them in your new home. If you water them the day before or the day of your moving date, the wet soil will make the plants heavy, especially if you have large indoor trees. Also, if the plants fall over, the water would spill out and get any other items next to them wet and dirty.

The day after you water the plants, wrap plastic bags around each pot, and tie a loose knot around the base of the plant. Waiting a day allows the surface soil to dry out, while the plastic bag helps the soil retain enough moisture to keep the plant healthy during transport.

Preparing your plants ahead of time for moving day can help prevent shock and ensure they stay healthy. For advice on moving plants or any items that you are unsure of how to pack, contact local moving services like Walsh Moving & Storage for personalized guidance.

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