4 Tips For Less Stress When Hiring Professional Movers

4 Tips For Less Stress When Hiring Professional Movers

10 October 2018
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Moving to a new home, city, or state can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don't have the right vehicle or equipment to move your belongings yourself. Luckily, professional moving companies make the entire process much easier by doing the heavy lifting and transporting for you. While they can't fix every problem that may arise in your move, professional movers can help take some stress off your shoulders. Check out these four tips for less stress when you hire professional movers.  

Find the Right Moving Company for Your Needs

To start, you'll need to determine if you're moving long distance or local. A move is typically considered local if you are moving within the same state and you are moving within 100 miles. For local movers, you'll pay about $25 per mover, per hour. Long-distance movers, of course, are more expensive. One factor that affects cost is the distance. Moving farther away means more gas and wear/tear on the moving truck, which costs you more money. Another factor that affects cost is the amount of items. Not only do more items take more time to load/unload, but they also weigh more. This causes the truck to weigh more, which uses more gas and puts extra strain on the truck. When choosing a moving company, make sure you choose one that has the services you need. For example, some movers may pack and unpack items for an additional fee.

Learn What Can't Be Packed and Transported

If you choose to pack your own items, you'll need to educate yourself on what can't be transported by professional movers. In some cases, it's illegal for professional movers to transport items. For example, gasoline and bleach can't be transported by professional movers because they are both toxic and can cause major injuries. In other cases, the moving company may simply refuse to move certain items because it increases their risk. Whatever the reason, it's important for you to learn what the moving company won't transport. If you fail to do so and pack prohibited items, you're only wasting more time and/or money because you'll need to repack or pay the movers to repack. Ideally, if the movers can't or won't move an item, you should simply dispose of it.

Separate Items You Want to Transport Yourself

There are some items, however, you should transport yourself. These may include some items the moving company won't transport, such as a small houseplant. To prevent unnecessary stress, however, if something happens to the moving truck, you should also transport any important documents and valuable items yourself. These may include birth certificates, passports, family heirlooms, etc. Transporting these items yourself lets you know where they are at all times so you don't have to worry about their safety. Make sure you separate the items you want to transport yourself so the movers don't accidentally pack them. Store them in a different room and/or mark them, "Do not take."

Keep Items and the Area Well Organized

Finally, you can help reduce everyone's stress by keeping the items and area well organized. Keeping similar items together allows the movers to load and unload them together. This makes it easier to put them in the corresponding rooms at your new home, which helps when it's time to unpack. Keep the area organized by removing tripping hazards, keeping pets away, and monitoring young children. This will reduce the risk of someone tripping, which may result in an injury or damage to your property.

Professional movers are a great way to make your move less stressful. If you're sick of worrying about how you're going to relocate your items to your new home, consider hiring professional movers. For more information, contact a local or long-distance moving company in your area today.

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